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How do I access the courses one payment has been made?

To access the course, just navigate to the menu at the top of the website >>> Training >>> you can access the courses on that page or in the dropdown menu. Scroll down on each page course to see the course content.

Can I purchase course packages e.g: EWIS + HF + FTS ?

Yes, this is possible by visiting >>> SHOP page by selecting “PACKAGES” in the dropdown menu or follow this link.

Are Aviation Technical Training courses Approved and Quality compliant?

Our courses have been used by over 4,000 freelance contractors and aviation personnel worldwide. A number of MROs and CAMOs have assessed the courses for quality and compliance before accepting them or purchasing them for their staff.

Do you issue a certificate for each course?

A certificate for each course is awarded at the end of successful completion of each course Quiz. This certificate can be downloaded and accessed in your candidate profile area.

Can I get a Hard Copy (physical copy) of my certificate?

Yes, you will need to select “Yes” when asked the question: “when purchasing your course. This additional Hard Copy will cost £10 per certificate and will include postage to the address detailed in your profile. Please enter address details with care as each time a Hard Copy is requested a £10 charge will apply

How long is my certificate valid for?

Each course certificate is valid for 2 years from date of completion.